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Online Conference by the German Soccer Coaches Association, with Peter Schreiner as Speaker

261 coaches renewed their UEFA A and soccer coach license in the first ever online coaches conference of the german soccer coaches association.

Organization: BDFL under the direction of Marcus Dippel

Peter Schreiner gave a lecture: “Detail coaching in goal-scoring training – improving decision making and precision.” Schreiner has been dealing with the subject of scoring for years and has collected countless forms of training.

In 2017 he tested these forms of exercises and games for “individual training when shooting at goal” for the first time. This resulted in a comprehensive concept for coaching shots on goal for strikers!

In 2018 he was inspired by Gerard Houllier, who unfortunately passed away in December 2020, at the AEFCA Symposium in Belek. At the time, Houllier said in his lecture:

“We coaches are students of the game. We should learn from the best”. Gerard Houllier

Gerard Houllier

After that, Peter Schreiner spent many hours analyzing over 1500 goals from Europe’s top scorers and assigning them to a total of 7 categories.

He wanted to find out the secrets of the top scorer’s success and asked himself the following questions:

  • Why do top scorers score so many goals?
  • Where is the ball passed from?
  • Where are most goals scored from?
  • How do they score these goals?
  • How can you practice that?

Schreiner then developed forms of training with the simple aim to help players score more goals.

He presented his concept at coaches’ conferences and seminars in several countries worldwide.

Coaches want strikers who recognize clear scoring opportunities and have a high probability of using these opportunities.

Forms of training for future goal scorers

  1. Basic exercises – precision training and the utilization of clear goal chances
  2. Speed ​​of action – perception – skillful running free and loosening from the opponent

In addition to numerous forms of exercises for shooting at goal, Schreiner also presented forms of play and competitions with which the players can show that they can score goals even under time and opponent pressure.

Here is an example: In this form of play, 2 against 2 is played with a player in the field and a playmaker on the edge of the penalty area and 4 neutral players on the sides. See this form of play in the following video:

If the goalkeeper holds the ball or if he goes next to the goal, the defenders (here: blue) and attackers (here: yellow) change their positions. Fast switching and orientation are especially important.

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