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NEW: Italian Training Concepts – The Thinking Player

Italian Training Concepts - The Thinking PlayerIn this ebook the reader will find a progression of exercises from easier to harder ones, from 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2s and 2 vs 1s and 2 vs 2s, through 3 vs 3 which can be transformed in outnumbered defending and attacking situations, till more complex game situations like 4 vs 4, 6 vs 6 or involving till 13 players with or without free players. Outnumbered game situations are constantly changed and developed.

The sequence of the exercises depends on the level of complexity and on the main themes they’re focused on; they are not based on a sequence of structures of the pitches. All the exercises are focused on the players and their behaviour on the pitch and they are independent from and useful for any kind of system of play.
I hope you’ll find it usefull for your training sessions; enjoy reading.
Luca Bertolini

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Luca Bertolini
Luca Bertolini


The training systems for the individual tactic of a youth player can be divided into two kinds. Every player can be trained for the specific role he will have inside a team during a match or he can be trained to be ready to be an attacker, a defensive or attacking midfielder or an outside forwarder depending on the specific situation he is in during a match.

The training sessions for the first type of player must be repetitive and the exercises could be boring for him, since he must be constantly trained for one single role. The habits of this kind of player on the field could be fixed without any chance to be developed in his future.

On the other side, a “thinking player” is crucial and more useful for his team as he can play at his best and as the situation requires on the field; his role will be specified when and if he is a first team player. The principles of play of football are always general and all the players shall know them and be prepared to carry them out on the field. Therefore, I created these exercises where all the roles are unknown at the beginning and they are decided by one teammate, by the goalkeeper or by the situation of the exercises while they’re being carried out on the pitch; all of them are organized on small sized pitches and they can be set up very fast. Every single player can be an attacker, can become a defender after an attacking move and a lot of transitions are always present; they must think quickly and they must find the best solution to adapt themselves to the situation. Few exercises have coordinative goals included. The most outstanding point of view in this ebook is that all the exercises require to score in big or small goals at the end of any move.

More Information about “Italian Training Concepts”


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