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Jürgen Klopp – Soccer Attacking Combination Play with a Lay-Off Pass

Who loses 3-0 against FC Barcelona normally is out of the competition. Jürgen Klopp managed the miracle of Anfield Road. Achieving the almost impossible with his Liverpool squad, beating FC Barcelona 4-0 and thus reaching the finals of the Champions League for the second time in a row.

Similar outcomes previously only have been achieved by Deportivo La Coruna (against AC Milan 2003/04), Barcelona (against PSG 2016/17) and AS Roma last season against FC Barcelona, who won a 4-1 at Camp Nou while losing in Rome 0-3 just a week before.

Attacking Combination Play with a Lay-Off Pass

This exercise is an attacking combination with a lay off pass in a limited space. It is designed for developing coordinated runs and passing between the lines to prepare the final pass before finishing.

Jürgen Klopp Soccer TrainingOrganization
This is an endless form with two starting points in a 30 x 30 yard area with mannequins to show the space between the lines.


  • Players A and D start the practice at the same time. They both dribble the ball through the cone gate and at the same time, the players positioned on the white cones (B and E) move towards the potential passing lanes in the blue zones.
  • The players in more advanced positions make an up movement to touch the mannequin and then drop back at the right moment to receive the pass.
  • As soon as the players in possession move through the cone gate (trigger), they make the forward pass. The pass is directed towards these players who lay the ball off into the blue zone and then open up.
  • B and E receive and pass towards one of the two forwards who move to receive behind the mannequins.
  • The forward who receives the final pass shoots first time into the mini goal and joins the queue on the other side, while the other forward returns to his position.
  • All the other players move one position forward and the sequence starts again.

Passing Through the Centre with a Lay-Off Passing Combination in a 6 (+4) v 6 End to End Possession Game

The aim of the team in possession is to pass the ball to the advanced neutral player inside the semi-circle who plays a lay-off pass to the deeper neutral player.


The 30 x 30 yard area is split into two halfs. The two teams play 3 v 3 +1 neutral player ) inside the both halves. Additional 2 neutral players are inside the 2 semi-circles in the centre.


  • In the first half they play 3 v 3 plus 1 neutral player.
  • After minimum 3 to 5 passes, it is allowed to pass to the other side using the neutral players in the circle area with a lay-off passing sequenz.
  • Then the ball should be passed to a player on the same team inside the other half as shown.
  • If the defending team (reds in diagram) win the ball, they continue the practice with the same aim.
  • The team that achieves the most switches of play within 4-5 minutes wins the competition.

Coaching Points

  1. Players need to check away from their marker before moving to receive to make sure that they retain possession for their team.
  2. Accuracy and speed in passing and when dribbling the ball is required in the limited space.
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