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Soccer Drills – How to beat the defender in a one against one situation

Training Exercises 1v1
This article is taken out of the ebook series “Practical training concept”: The exercises in the ebook 1v1 mastery are divided into three different categories.

  1. There are exercises aiming to improve individual tactical nuances,
  2. exercises incorporating 1 vs 1 situations in more complex game situations
  3. and exercises with direct 1 vs 1 duels.

Tactical 1 vs 1 Exercises

Exercise 01: Preparatory Exercise – Indicating 1 vs 1 Situations

Raute mit dummies 600Organization: The central players simultaneously dribble towards the respective dummies. With this dribbling, the outer players release (1) and receive the ball after a feint (1) and the pass (2). With the ball, they themselves dribble towards the dummy, play it off (3) and pass the ball into the depth (4). The outer players follow their pass, while the players, who start into their action, change to the respective other side (3).

Coaching: Pay attention to the right distance towards the dummy when performing the feint. Furthermore, the players on the outer positions shall consciously use their first touch heading towards the dummy!

Variation 1:

Raute zweikampf andeuten 600

The existing organization remains – the positioning of the single players varies. B receives the ball on the side in a half open position. Again, the defender shall first cover the passing goal in order to subsequently gain possession of the ball. The position change takes either after a certain time limit place or after each action.

Attention: Depending on which player receives the ball (left or right), the danger of getting a goal against is either higher or lower. The defender must consider this in his behavior to approach is opponent!

Exercise 02: First Cover Passing-Lanes – then Enter 1 vs 1 Duels

Dribbel und Passtor 600

Organization: A passes the ball to B. With this pass, a 1 vs 1 duel starts aiming for respectively one passing- or dribble goal. If C gains possession of the ball, he is allowed to counterattack. Another transition does not take place. In the following, player A changes to the position of B, B to C and C to A

Coaching: This exercise simulates a 1 vs 1 situation with the simultaneous covering of passing options. C must adjust his position so that B is provoked to use a dribble goal. Thus, C gains time to win the ball. The initially offensive player B tries through skillful feints to finish on one of the passing goals or to reach the dribble goal in high pace.

Variation: In order to even focus more on the thematic priority: Goals scored on the passing goal count threefold. Goals scored on the dribble goal only one-fold

This article is taken from the eBook 1vs1 Mastery:

ebook 1v1

eBook: 1 vs 1 Mastery
Author: Steven Turek
Publisher: Peter Schreiner
Pages: 52 – Graphics: 36

In times of systematic and organized offensive- and defensive strategies, players as Messi and Ronaldo become more and more an exception! Reason enough for Steven Turek to elaborate on this fundamental topic in soccer. In ‘1 vs 1 Mastery’, Turek describes different situations of 1 vs 1 duels. Beyond that, he provides for every situation valuable coaching cues for attackers as well as defenders – just another basic principle for Steven Turek ‘Always coach both, the defender and the attacker!’ Furthermore, Turek describes how 1 vs 1 exercises can efficiently be used to also train conditional factors. The main focus, as in all practical training concepts, lays on the practical part over 30 pages with competition-like exercises, detailed coaching cues and many variations!

  • Coaching Points for Attacker and Defender in Various Situations
  • 1 vs 1 as Fitness Training
  • 7 Exercises for Tactical 1 vs 1 Situations
  • 7 Complex Exercises
  • 7 Competitions

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