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3 v 1 – Counterattack on goal line

The following soccer drill is perfect to train fast and confident passing, putting emphasis on good opening runs and a quick finish.


Field is a 30 x 20-yard grid (adjust for ability level) with three players outside and one in the middle. Players play 3v1 on standard goal with neutral goalkeeper. Centerline is marked by cones.

Attackers pass and dribble from starting line, trying to get past defender as quickly as possible and finish on goal.

Each team of three gets five to 10 attacks; then defender rotates out. Defender scores two points for winning the ball and dribbling out of field on other side of centerline.


  • Players have two touches
  • Players pass directly (no dribbling)
  • Attackers have a time limit (e.g. 10-15 seconds)

Tips and suggestions

  • Training objectives: fast, confident passing; good opening runs
  • Finishing quickly

This drill is taken from the eBook: Tactical Games 1

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