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Soccer Training DVD: Modern Youth Training – Ages 6-8

Soccer Training DVD Kids (2)

Soccer Training DVD and eVideos

Playing and Practicing with Six- to Eight-Eight-Year-Olds

Author: Gerd Bode and Ralf Peter
Language: English
Length: 124 minutes
Size: 4:3 – PAL
Price: 29.00 €

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Building Blocks for play sessions

  • General movement training
  • Soccer-oriented movement training
  • Soccer-specific technique training
  • Playing soccer

Training fundamentals for indoor sessions

  • Free play/welcome/solo exercises with the ball
  • Exercises for better dribbling
  • Partner exercises and competitions
  • Motivational game: Fish and the fisherman
  • Ball gymnastics
  • Movement exercises with the ball
  • Movement exercises with vests
  • Simple soccer games
  • Concluding game

Training fundamentals for outdoor sessions

  • Key concept: Dribbling
  • Key concept: Faking
  • Key concept: Passing
  • Key concept: Shooting
  • Key concept: Tag
  • Simple soccer games

Planning a training session

Age-appropriate matches

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