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Soccer Tactics: Three main Reasons why Germany beat France yesterday.

Soccer Tactics:

What are the 3 main reasons that the German National Soccer Team beat France 2:1 yesterday? Both teams made a great match, good technique, excellent fitness and booth teams wanted to win the match.

The three main Reasons for that victory of the German team:

  1. The German Team was better in 1 v 1 – situations (defense).
  2. Very quick transition from defense to offense.
  3. Main reason: Perfect ball winning strategie (channeling, midfield pressing, double-teaming).
Soccer Tactics: Ralf Peter at the NSCAA Convention
Soccer Tactics: Ralf Peter at the NSCAA Convention


In his online seminars Ralf Peter presents all the details about the German tactics winning the ball in midfield, about zonal defending, deferent system of play, pressing, about channeling and more.

Go to Seminars about Pressing:

Zonal Defending in Soccer – Midfield Pressing – Pressing low – Pressing high

What are the topics of the series “Pressing in Soccer – How to Pratice and Master it.”?

  1. The first seminar will focus on variations in pressing and analyze strategies to win the ball.
  2. In the second and third part of the seminar series, the topic is how to train pressing.
  3. The fourth part deals with an aspect of pressing which has been the talk recently, that is the so-called “anti-pressing” or “counter-pressing”. Barcelona is everybody’s idol in this regard. That team plays “counter-pressing” to perfection.

Pressing in Soccer – How to practice and master it!


Feedback – Seminars with Ralf Peter in Germany (translated):

FIFA Instructor Vanessa Martinez Lagunas
FIFA Instructor Vanessa Martinez Lagunas

Vanessa Martinez (FIFA-Instructor):

” The seminar was absolutely great. It has been totally worth it to be there. Ralf Peter presented incredibly well and was able to provide effective and professional expertise to the participants on.
I was impressed from the quality of the presentations and the use of new software (easy animation and easy Sports-Graphics) to visualize and simplified explanation of the tactical details.
I recommend this seminar for all coaches, who are interested in defensive tactics.”

Helmut Schauberger, Austria
“Dear Sportakadie24-team.
Tactics training at the highest level in a top-organized seminar. Congratulations and thank you.”
Andrew Singer, and Laco Borbely (Slovak Union,  Soccer Coaches)
Our expectations were completely fullfilled, because the German methodology and concepts belong to the best in the world.Top experts, top content, top quality, top presentations, an outstanding seminar.
Ralf Peter is an excellent expert. Impressive.
Compliments, congratulations and thank you.
We are looking forward to next live seminar by Peter Schreiner and Ralf Peter.
Martin Hasenpflug (Coach, Germany):
“Congratulations for this unique seminar. It was outstanding how Peter Ralf presented detailed complex tactical issues and was still very understandable.
I think all coaches (or a journalist) learned a lot in this seminar.”
Helge Damm (Coach, Germany)
“Hi team, I’ve been in many seminars, but have never had such a terrific experience. Ralf is a perfect tactician who knew how to convey this course at all. A first-class seminar.”
Jacob Reckmann (Coach, Mondorf, Germany)
“Thank you for this really challenging event. Ralf Peter has sharpened our analytical look at a football game by reaching down to the detail explanations really. To work with our teams, we now have an enormous knowledge available and we already looking forward to testing this in practice. Greetings from Mondorf”
Erhard Suffel (Coach, Bavaria, Germany)
Dear Sportakademie24 team,
Thanks and congratulations to you for the successful first Live-Academy. I never knew until now that football has much in common with strategy and chess. The contents were well presented and very challenging. Ralf Peter was very well prepared and hold a entertaining lecture. With kind regards from Bavaria, Erhard Suffel.”
Rainer Blum (Coach, Konstanz, Germany):
” Though I practiced zonal defending for some years, I could take plenty of new Information, details and discoveries! The journey from Lake Constance has been worthwhile in any case! Rainer Blum, Konstanz FC”.

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