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Intensive seminar series in Colombia with 875 coaches

It was a very intense and interesting trip to Colombia Peter Schreiner. At the invitation of the current national coach of Chile, Reinaldo Rueda, I flew to Cali and led four seminars (2 days in Cali, Tulua and Cartago) with a total of 875 coaches.
Each seminar started with a 90-minute theory in which I presented the most important tactical basics, principles of an effective attacking soccer and coaching points as well as the organization of the following 2-hour practice.

Reinaldo Rueda, eine Legende in Latainamerika stand in der Theorie und Praxis als Übersetzer zur Verfügung
Reinaldo Rueda, a legend in Latin America, was a translator in theory and practice

Invitation to Chile, Costa Rica and other associations of Latin America
Already during the seminar series in Colombia it was clear: There will be a soon reunion, because in addition to a continuation of the series in Colombia, the associations of Costa Rica and Chile want to conduct seminars on attacking football for their coaches.

Theory and practical sessions in Cali at the National Sports School of Colombia

PPP Start

Intensive seven days – seminars, trips, meetings, talks

Reinaldo Rueda, with whom Peter Schreiner have been friends since 2002, and I had very exhausting 7 days with many interesting discussions and meetings. When we were on the road, Reinaldo was always available for photos with fans, acquaintances and the press.

Even on the way to the huge Salsa show last night, Reinaldo made slow progress because everyone recognized him and wanted to take pictures with him.

Theory with full lecture halls in




All seminars started with the national anthem and the hymn of the region “Valle del Cauca”.

A big challenge – more than 40 players in each practical session

On the first day, Peter was surprised when more than 40 players were available. Coaches and players all wanted to participate in the presentation. A selection was out of the question. But that should be the same for the next 3 days. Good organization of the training forms was therefore required so that all players could go home satisfied.

Vorführgruppe Tag 1
Demonstration Group Day 1
Vorführgruppe Tag 2
Demonstration Group Day 2
Vorführgruppe 3 in Tulua
Demonstration Group Day 3
Vorführgruppe in Cartago
Demonstration Group Day 4

Final meeting in the Federation Football Valle del Cauca office

Don Ernando, der große Förderer des Fußballs in Valle del Cauca
Don Fernando, the great promoter of football in Valle del Cauca

Salsa Show 2018 in Cali

Reinaldo Rueda invited Peter Schreiner to the great Salsa Show in Cali (Colombia). This was the end of a great seminar series with coaches from Columbia.

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