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Dutch Soccer: Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3

Discover How to Play the Dutch 4-3-3 and Utilize the Coveted Dutch ‘Master Plan’ to Improve the Technique, Personality, Speed and Insight of Your Players

Wow, now this is comprehensive! This fascinating book covers in exhaustive detail everything you need to know about the Dutch soccer vision. Inside its pages you will discover how to adopt the same plan followed by every Dutch club to develop some of the world’s most technically gifted and talented players.

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Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 shows you how to train your team to use the famous free flowing Dutch formation and how to literally pass the ball into the opposition’s net.

The Dutch are renowned worldwide for the quality of their youth development programs. In fact, there are more home grown Dutch players playing abroad professionally than from any other country (including Brazil). This is even more astounding when you consider that Holland is about half the size of Arizona and has a youth population playing base that is 10% the size of that in the US. Put simply, when it comes to developing young players there is no country better to learn from than the Dutch.

Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 provides a comprehensive guide to coaching players in the Dutch vision. This includes an in-depth analysis of the roles and responsibilities of players in every position when playing the 4-3-3 formation in the Dutch style, along with training drills and exercises used by Dutch coaches to improve the the technique, personality, speed and insight of their players.

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Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 is arguably the most comprehensive guide available on Holland’s favorite formation. Whether you train younger teams or older, more experienced players, this book tells you everything you need to know about how to develop and train your players in the Dutch ‘master plan’.

“Coaching the Dutch 4-4-3 is a must read for any coach or player who wants to truly understand the 4-3-3 system of play.  Robert Podeyn has written an exceptional book that breaks down the system and clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of every player on the pitch.  Podeyn explains the system at critical points when attacking, defending and periods of transition.  Coaches also receive a blueprint for training their players to master the system and become equipped to play “total soccer” the Dutch way.”  Aaron Fredrickson – Trainer at the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN, a coach/trainer with Coon Rapids Soccer Association and the head goalkeeper coach for Concordia Academy in Roseville, MN.

“This book shows you everything you need to know about coaching teams in Holland’s devastating style of play”

The author of Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3, Robert Podeyn, has been fascinated by the Dutch’s attacking style ever since the 1974 World Cup, when Holland was narrowly beaten by the hosts West Germany. This was the first time the Holland’s ‘total football’ 4-3-3 formation was unveiled to the soccer world.

Since then the 4-3-3 has become enshrined as a stalwart of Dutch soccer. From a young age, players are drilled in how to develop the technique, situational awareness and speed needed to play this aggressive, free flowing style of play.

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Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 is an amalgamation of Podeyn’s admiration for Dutch soccer and practical knowledge of how to coach teams to play the 4-3-3 the way the Dutch play it. Whether you are a fellow admirer of Dutch soccer; a coach wishing to learn from the masters on player development or if you want to enrich your knowledge on the Dutch 4-3-3 formation,  Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 is a comprehensive guide packed with insights you can use to improve the technique, insight and speed of your players.

“A book born from firsthand experience on how to coach 4-3-3 the Dutch way”

What’s included in Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3

Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 explains everything you need to know about understanding the tactics used when playing the Dutch 4-3-3 formation along with training drills to provide your players with the technique, speed and mindset to play it effectively:

Intro – the book starts by examining the development of the Dutch 4-3-3. In 1974 this was a big departure from the defensive style with which England won the World Cup in 1966. This chapter also looks at the qualities players need in order to play 4-3-3 effectively: technique, insight, personality and speed.

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Quick reference guide – this chapter provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of players in each position, both when in possession and without possession. By identifying the particular skills each player needs you can assess in which position your players are best suited e.g. in the Dutch 4-3-3 your most technically gifted players should always be the #9 attacking midfielder.

The 1:4:3:3 system: In possession – The book now focuses in-depth on the duties and tactical options for every player in the 4-3-3 formation. This includes insights on the role of the ‘shadow striker’, how to play against a team with an attacking central midfield and the options each player has, whether playing a low or high pressure opposition. To ensure explanations are clear and easy to understand, pass dispersal charts are provided to demonstrate the options each player has.

The 1:4:3:3 system: Out of possession – In this chapter Podeyn looks at the responsibilities of the triangle midfield to force the opposition wide and to deny central penetration. This chapter also analyses the role of the #9 as the key outlet for the counter attack, how to implement a shifting back four defense and other specific characteristics of an effective Dutch defensive 4-3-3.

How the 1:4:3:3 is trained – The second half of the book focuses on how to develop the technical foundations, positioning, shape and discipline through soccer drills and exercises taught by Dutch coaches. This includes Dutch Box Passing, Coerver Shooting Game, Dutch Wine Glass Passing Drill and many more. Clear diagrams and explanations show you exactly how to run each drill, along with progressions.

Development Plan by Age Level – Podeyn provides plans for different age levels from 8 to 18. These plans explain exactly which areas and skills to focus on at different stages, such as technical, tactical, physical and personality development.

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What you will gain from Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the tactics, positional responsibilities and options for playing the 4-3-3 in the patented Dutch free flowing style. In addition, Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 is packed with drills and exercises for improving the attributes that players need to play ‘Total Football’ like the famous Clockwork Orange teams.

From this book you will gain:

  • An enriched understanding of the roles and responsibilities of every position in the Dutch 4-3-3
  • Training drills and exercises taught by leading Dutch coaches to develop the technique, insight, personality and speed of your players
  • By combining the book’s insights on the 4-3-3 formation and the training drills you will be able to develop a more tactically astute team that knows how to utilize the Dutch 4-3-3 to its full potential
  • Your players will have an enriched understanding of what their tasks are in every position and what is expecting of them in order to play the Dutch free flowing style
  • Your players will love the challenge of working through training drills and exercises utilized to develop some of the world’s most talented players, such as Johan Cruyff, Denis Bergkamp and Robin Van Persie.
  • The book’s development plans will help to ensure you are focusing on the correct areas for each age group

Whether you are helping young players to develop or coaching older, more experienced teams, the Dutch system has always been a blueprint for academies and player development programs worldwide. Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 is an opportunity for you to gain all these insights and knowledge about the philosophy and tactics of Total Football encapsulated in one comprehensive book.

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“Coaching The Dutch 4-3-3 is a must read for both newer and experienced soccer coaches alike.  For those looking to create an attacking, unpredictable brand of soccer, while developing their players to their peak, look no further than learning from the masters of the 4-3-3, the Dutch. This book provides a detailed roadmap on how to adopt the 4-3-3 the Dutch way to your own team.  Included are descriptions of every position, on & off the ball, their roles and responsibilities, as well as a profile of the players best suited to each formation.

I highly recommend this excellent book to both newer & experienced coaches, there is a lot to learn for everyone, and the intricacies of the 4-3-3 are now able to be mastered by you.” – David Robertson.  USSF “B” Licensed youth soccer coach in Cincinnati, Ohio with Cincinnati United Soccer Club.

“It explains everything you need to know about coaching players the Dutch way”

Rinus Michel’s ‘Total Football’ master plan continues to be the ethos that drives youth soccer development programs throughout the Netherlands. Despite having only 10% of the number of players playing youth soccer in the US, Holland produces more players playing professionally in other countries than any other nation. This success comes down to the consistent and uniform player development across the country.

Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 is your comprehensive guide on how to utilize Dutch training exercises and methodology with your own players. It provides you with arguably the most in-depth analysis of the Dutch 4-3-3 available anywhere, along with a wide range of drills for improving the technique, speed and insight of your players.

Whether you are a student of the game, coaching young players or want to improve the technique of teams playing at the highest level, this book explains everything you need to know about adopting the aggressive, free flowing Dutch 4-3-3 as your team’s style of play.

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