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Counterpressing simplified – players get to know the dynamic of counterpressing

A soccer drill that displays a clear picture of successful counterpressing to the players due to the numerical advantage of players. Beyond that, the players learn the feeling for the first impulse and get to know the dynamic of counterpressing.


Organization: In the marked field, a 4 vs 4 plus one neutral player is played. The neutral player is positioned within a marked zone and can only join the play if a loss of the ball occurs. He adds to the team losing possession.

Coaching: Due to the favorable ratio of players subsequent a loss of the ball, an instant regain of possession should take place (counterpressing). After regaining possession, the numerical advantage provides a good situation to counterattack.

Variation: The neutral player moves freely within the field and can simultaneously be used to cover single passing options and successfully prepare counterpressing.

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