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Coaching Game Intelligence in Soccer 3

DVD Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer - online

Coaching Game Intelligence 3

Preparing to play and understand 7-a-side Soccer

Author: Horst Wein
Duration: 62 Min.

In part 3 of this series Horst Wein offers to coaches and teachers a series of simplified games 3 against 3 to acquiring the competence for the 7 v 7.

The players’ space is getting bigger and bigger, the challenges become more complex. This way, the players learn to orient themselves in an enlarged area and to make correct decisions quickly.

“Stimulate through playing instead of instructing with exercises.”

eVideo: Coaching Game Intelligence

Soccer is more than the sum of skills, tactics, and condition. Losing the ball is more often the result of lacking awareness or a bad decision, not so much because of poor skills. In this DVD you will see how the players discover solutions on their own if the questions asked are the right ones. Only this way game intelligence can develop. Horst Wein created a model which adopts the philosophy of street-soccer but is more effective.

Ask questions to help the players finding the solution of game situations:

Horst Wein is asking questions
Horst Wein is asking questions

eVideo: Coaching Game Intelligence

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