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2 Soccer Drills to Improve Dribbling Skills of U10 Players

The following two soccer drills will help your U10 players to improve their dribbling. The first exercise is a dribbling game with hurdles, the second an easy to organize competition.

Ball-Transport and dribble competition

U10 Soccer Hurdle GameOrganization

Rectangle 20m x 10m with 6 hurdles in two colors (yellow and orange here), divide
6 to 8 players in 2 groups.


• The players dribble free in space for one minute and pass the ball through
the hurdles.
• The hurdles should be high enough so that the ball does not touch the pole.
• At the orange gates, the children run around the goal and try to control the
ball as quickly as possible and dribble on to the next goal.
• At the yellow gates, the children jump over the pole.
• A team tries to score as many goals as possible in one minute.
• The other team dribbles freely in space. So the kids not only have to score
goals, but also avoide the opponent.
• A goal does not count if a hurdle has been touched.


  • Only pass with the left or right foot

Ball-Transport and dribble competition

Soccer U10 Dribbling ExerciseOrganization

Build up the course – depending on the number of children – multiple times as
shown in the figure above and form teams of three players, each player a ball.


• At the sign of the coach, the first players of each team start with a short pass.
• Then the players run around the square (1 x 1m), control the ball and dribble
around the 3 bars (yellow bars mean: Inside left and red bars inside right.
• They play a short pass through the hurdle and jump over it.
• They put the ball in one of the three rings and run back through the course
and clap
• Then the next player starts.
• Each player has a ring. (4 rings for 4 players)
• The ball must remain in the ring, if it rolls out, the player must run back and
put it in again.
• Which team is the fastest?

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