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Passing and Deceptive Runs Drill

The focus of this drill is well timed passing into your teammates running path and the automization of deceptive runs. Because the pressure by the opponent and of time and in tight spaces increases in top soccer, deceptive running to get open becomes ever more important!

“The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer”

Presenter: Norbert Elgert (professional coach at Schalke 04)
Presentation group: U19 FC Schalke 04
Length: about 55 minutes
Film Size: 4:3 – PAL

Content of the eVideo and DVD

  • Content
  • Basic drills
  • One-Touch Passing in a Triangle
  • One-Touch in a Diamond
  • One-Touch in a Square
  • Playing via a Third Player
  • Forward Passing

“The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer 3”

Playing without the ball – Prefect ball possession – Superb positioning

Presentation Group: U19 Schalke 04
Duration: 89 min.
Presenter: Norbert Elgert (FC Schalke 04)
Director: Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Soccer)

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