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3 Competitive Soccer Drills from 2v2 to a 4v4

3 competitive soccer drills from Peter Schreiner and his book “Tactical Games – Part2“. Improve your team’s skills and strategic understanding. Each drill is designed to improve specific aspects of play, from quick decision-making to spatial awareness, ensuring a well-rounded development for players.

2v2 plus 1 – Two goals with Goalkeepers

2v2 plus 1 - Two goals with Goalkeepers

Field is 15 yards square (or 10 x 20) with two standard goals with goalkeepers. Players play 2v2with one neutral player. Sequence Players play 2v2 on two standard goals with one neutral player. On turnovers (ball is stopped by keeper, goes out or is intercepted), defenders and neutral player counterattack on opposite goal. After one minute, neutral players switch positions with field players.


  • Neutral player passes directly.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Include plenty of active rest periods
  • Get open immediately after passing to neutral player
  • Move into open space
  • Make intelligent opening runs and use entire field
  • Get away from defenders
  • Maintain open posture

3v3 plus 1 – Four small goals

3v3 plus 1 - Four small goals

Field is 25 yards square (or 20 x 30) with four small goals. Players play 3v3 with one neutral player. Sequence Players play 3v3 with neutral player, who is limited to two touches and not allowed to shoot. Attackers shift point of attack to one goal, then suddenly switch to another with a wall pass or dribbling run. Defenders switch to offense immediately upon winning ball.


  • Neutral player passes directly
  • To score, players must shoot from marked shooting zones (three to five yards from goals)

Tips and Suggestions

  • Direction of play reverses after each goal (counterattack)
  • Transition quickly after winning ball, look for most vulnerable goal
  • Neutral player needs to make intelligent opening runs
  • Get away from defender and move into open space

4v4 plus 2 – Three goals

4v4 plus 2 - Three goals

Field is twice the size of penalty box, with one standard goal with goalkeeper and two small goals. Players play 4v4 with two neutral players. Sequence Players play 4v4 on standard goal with goalkeeper, with two neutral players. Object is to outnumber defenders 6 v. 4, set up shots and score (attackers), or to win ball, play fast combinations and dribble across goal line (defenders). Ball is turned over after goal or interception. Playing time is three to five minutes.


  • After scoring, attackers keep possession and attack on small goals or standard goal
  • Field is twice the size of penalty box
  • To win possession, defenders must complete one pass among themselves

Tips and Suggestions

  • Aim passes so receivers can dribble across goal line or finish on standard goal without interference
  • Counterattack quickly
  • Make intelligent opening runs and use entire field, move into open space

Tactical Games – Part 2

50 numbers-up games from 1v1 to 4v4

Position games with neutral players from 1 against 1 to 4 against 4, vary the number of “Jokers” and their position inside and outside the field. Help the players getting as many chances to score and then use them perfectly.

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