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Offensive 1 vs 1 (Schreiner, Amthor, Hübscher)

Playing field of 20 x 20 m, A and B face each other and look at each other.
In front of each player there is a ball at a distance of 7 m each. In horseshoe-form at different distances, mark 4 goals of cones two meters wide.


  • The Players make a run or jump move until A suddenly, without command, starts to one of the two balls (1)
  • B reacts to A’s run and tries to get to the ball faster (1)
  • A tries to score on one of the goals (2, 3)
  • B tries to prevent this (2)
  • The players line up behind the other group
  • Change of starting right after a complete round


  • The cone goals must be dribbled through
  • Players start from different starting positions (backwards, kneeling position, push-up, prone position, supine position, etc.)

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